Ariat® was founded in 1993 on technology and innovation with the goal of making the
highest quality footwear and apparel for the world’s top equestrian athletes. Ariat® now sets
thestandard for performance, innovation, and authenticstyle in bothridingand country
footwear and apparel.

Tall Riding Boots

A wide variety of tall riding boots including the Heritage Contour, Palisade, Ascent, Capriole
and Bromont.

Short Paddock Boots

Wide selection of Paddock Boots including the Heritage Zip, Devon Nitro, Kids Heritage and Heritage IV Lace.

Country Boots

Forever growing selection of country boots, a style to suit everyone. Popular boots such as the Windermere II, Conistons and The Western range.

Clothing Collection

From riding attire to casual everyday clothing, something for every season. Ensuring warmth in Autumn/Winter and keeping cool in Spring/Summer.


Breeches for every discipline and season. Breeches such as the Tri Factor, The Olympia Acclaim and The Mikelli Soft shell breeches. 

Chaps & Gaiters

Chaps & Gaiters for a elegant flattering fit, to ensure maximum safety when in the saddle. Everyday wear or for competitions.

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